1064 nm Nanosecond Pulse Laser for Laser Marking FL-1064


 Description: This 1064 nm Nanosecond Pulse Laser is an End-pumped Solid State Laser with Fiber pigtail which features ultra-compact, long lifetime, cost-effective and easy operation. It is the best solution for Laser Marking

  • 40~100kW peak power, higher than ordinary fiber laser marking machine
  •  2ns short pulse duration, short acting time, low heat effect
  • Small volume can match with market mainstream rack
  • Scientific research quality standard, <1% power stability
  • Industrial product flow
  • 12 quality inspection procedures
  • Stable and reliable product quality 

Application: It is designed with end pumped laser technology. The 2ns short pulse duration produces 10 times higher peak power than ordinary fiber laser marking system. It has greatly improved marking process in accuracy and efficiency which is especially helpful for plastic heat sensitive materials. It will not burn material with excessive heat. It is widely used to various plastic materials, and has wide applications in electronic shell marking.

Model #: FL-1064





1064 +/- 1nm

Average Power

3, 5, 8W

Pulse Repetition Rate

30 or 50KHz

Spatial Mode


Peak Power

30 or 50 kW

Pulse Width

5, 8, or 6 ns

Working Principle

End pumped solid state laser

Long-Term Stability

1, 3 or 5% rms

Beam Diameter

6 ~ 7 mm

Beam Divergence

1.5, 2 or 1.2 mrad



Beam Height from Base Plate

16.5 mm

Operating Voltage

90 - 240 VAC

Expected Life Time

20,000 hours


 12 months


Please refer to Data Sheet for detailed specifications           

If you need a different model number, please feel free to ask a quotation.  

  • End-pumped laser with high reliability and stability
  • Excellent laser beam quality
  • OEM laser for Laser Marking Systems
  • Short Pulse Width, low heat effect
  • Better than fiber laser
  • Model # FL-1064-3W