457 nm Single Longitudinal Mode Blue Laser with Stabilized Frequency MSL-FN-457-S


±MSL-FN-457-S series is an all solid state single longitudinal mode blue laser at 457 nm with stabilized frequency, which features ultra compact, long lifetime and easy operating.  It is used in optical frequency standards, gravitational wave detection, tests of fundamental physics, atomic clocks, high resolution spectrum, laser radar, precision measurement, holography etc..

Model #: MSL-FN-457-S-30-3, stabilized single frequency, 30 mW output power and 3% stability. For different parameters, please contact us.




457 nm

Average Power

>1, 5, 10, ..., 150 mW

>150, ...., 300 mW

Transverse Mode


near TEM00

Longitudial Mode


Coherent Length (m)

> 50

Power Stability

<1%, 3%, 5%

Spectral Linewidth (nm)


M2 Factor


Frequency Shift over 8 hours (MHz)


Frequency Shift with Temperature (MHz/°c)


Extra Heatsink



Please refer to Data Sheet for detailed specifications           

If you need a different model number, please feel free to ask a quotation.  

  • Excellent laser beam quality M2 < 1.2
  • Excellent beam pointing stability
  • Long life time
  • FDA registered
  • ISO and CE qualified
  • ROHS complied
  • Model # MSL-FN-457-S