593.5 nm LD Pumped All-Solid-Sate Laser MGL-W-593.5


593.5 nm LD Pumped All-Solid-Sate Laser MGL-W-593.5

Features: Diode laser pumped all-solid-state blue laser at 593.5 nm MGL-W-593.5 features high output power up to 800 mW, TEC cooling, superior beam quality, compact, light-weight, long lifetime, flexible interface concept- analog RS232, TTL or analog modulation, high reliability.

Applications: laser sheet for PIV, collimation, medical treatment, scientific experiments, optical instrument, confocal microscopy, laser display, laser lighting show, etc.

Model #: MGL-W-593.5-500-5

Please refer to Data Sheet  for detailed specifications           

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