ASE Broadband Light Source Module ASEM


Model #:    ASEM


The ASE (Amplified spontaneous emission) optical source module is designed for optical sensor system, such as FBG Sensor Interrogator, Optical Fiber Gyroscope. It’s mainly parts are Erbium-doped fiber and high quality pump laser. Unique ATC and APC circuit path ensure the output stability. The output power can adjustable by RS232 or RS485 ports. 

The optical path of the product is optimization especially. Professional design GFF (Gain flattening Filter) make the flatness and spectrum stability reach to excellent level. C-Band and C+L Band flat products can be provided.

This ASE Source is compatible with the Telecordia GR1312-core qualification.

Application: FBG fiber sensor, optical fiber gyroscope, test and measurement instrument, fiber optical communication, defense and military affairs, OCT, spectrum analyzer etc.


  • High output power: up to 50 mW
  • Broad operation bandwidth: cover C-band and L-band
  • Excellent flatness within spectrum range
  • ATC and APC control
  • Customized spectrum available
  • +5VDC or +3.3VDC power supply
  • Small form factor
  • Intelligent microprocessor control option

Specification Sheet : For detailed specs, please visit here

The list price is for mode#: ASEM-C-N-10-2-7-2, C-band ASE module, no GFF filter, 10 mW output power, 5VDC power supply, FC/APC connector. If you need a different model number, please contact with us.