Comcore PFS-500 Universal PM Fiber Fusion Splicer


The Comcore PFS-500 is an innovative and unique universal polarization maintaining (PM) fiber splicing equipment. It consists of two independent units: a polarization axis orientation alignment unit and a fiber splicer unit. By relieving the space restriction, PFS-500 can employ an electronic microscope with ultra- high resolution. Combined with our more than 20 year’s know-how on fiber end-face imaging technology, PFS-500 can splice any types of PM fibers swiftly and precisely. On the contrary, traditional PM fiber fusing splicers integrate polarization axis orientation alignment function and fusing splicing function into a very limited space, which creates undesired design complexity and compromises the performance, stability and reliability.

In summary, PFS-500 overcomes the space restriction, the necessity of complicate and unreliable programs of traditional PM fiber splicers. It features easy operation, superior performance, high repeatability, high reliability, and low ownership cost. It is a great tool for researchers and manufacturing engineers working with PM fiber applications. 

Please review the demo video.

Model #: PFS-500

Please refer to Data sheet for detailed specifications           


  • Separate polarization orientation axis alignment unit and fiber fusion unit
  • High visibility of PM fiber end face structure
  • User friendly polarization axis alignment
  • Superior polarization extinction ratio
  • Low splicing loss;
  • Unique newly designed keyboard;
  • Small form factor, lightweight - only 2.8kg with battery;
  • 7 seconds fiber fusion, 25 seconds pyrocondensation;
  • Precise fusion loss measurement;
  • Simultaneous display of X/Y axis; zoom in up to 304 times of original dimension;
  • Automatically starts splicing or pyrocondensation once the cover is closed;
  • Real time arc calibration;
  • Long life electrodes (up to 4000 discharge times)
  • USB and VGA ports;
  • 5.7 inch digital high resolution LCD;
  • Built-in high capacity battery, which enables up to 220 times of splicing and heating;
  • Real-time display of remaining battery capacity
  • CE Compliant