DWDMM Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer Module


The multi-channel Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer Module is composed of thin film DWDM devices by cascading individual channels into sequence. Channel numbers can be as high as 40 for 100 GHz spacing or 16 for 200 GHz DWDM systems in C band or in L band. They are featured with wide passband, low insertion loss, high channel isolation and high environmental stability. They can be used in dense WDM systems to perform mutiplexing or demutiplexing function.

Model #: DWDMM-M-04-2-34-N-B-H

Please refer to Data sheet for detailed specifications           

If you need a different model number, please feel free to ask a quotation. 

  • Low Insertion Loss and High Channel Isolation
  • Excellent Thermal Stability
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Model # DWDMM-M-04-2-34-N-B-H