FBG Interrogator FBGI-97001C in C-band 1528 - 1568 nm


Model #:    FBGI-97001C


FBG Interrogator is based on self-developed patented technology, based on a scanning semiconductor laser, integrated with multi-channel simultaneous photodetection, which enables high-speed, high-precision fiber grating demodulation in the 40 nm range. High-precision wavelength calibration ensures the accuracy and repeatability of wavelength demodulation, and the built-in absolute reference ensures the demodulator has excellent performance over the full temperature range.


  • Medical field: monitoring vital signs and ensuring the safety of medical equipment
  • Industrial filed:  aid in controlling and optimizing processes
  • Military field: provide critical data for security and surveillance purposes


  • High Repeatability ± 2 pm
  • High Speed Measurement up to 1 kHz
  • Built-In All-Semiconductor Components, Stable and Reliable
  • Simultaneous Measurement of All Channels with Built-In Absolute Reference

Specification Sheet: For detailed specs, please visit here

The list price is for mode#: FBGI-97001C-0003-08-2-F, 3Hz demodulation frequency, 8 channels, FC/APC connector, flange installation. If you need a different model number, please contact with us.