Fujitsu FRM5N143DS 10Gb/s IngaAs APD Pre-Amp Receiver



The FRM5N143DS incorporates a high bandwidth InGaAs APD photo diode, a GaAs HBT IC amplifier in a hermetically sealed butterfly type package. The APD is processed with modern MOVPE techniques resulting in reliable performance over a wide range of operating conditions. The lens coupling system and the single mode fiber are assembled using Nd YAG welding. It has differential output with DC coupling.


This 80GHz gain bandwidth product APD detector with HBT preamp is intended to function as an optical receiver for DWDM, SONET, SDH optical fiber systems operating at 10Gb/s. This detector operates at both 1310 and 1550nm. The nominal 10kΩ integral thermistor allows accurate monitoring of the APD temperature and facilitates the design of the APD bias control circuit. It has a typical transimpedance (Zt) value of 1100Ω The detector preamplifier is DC coupled and has a differential electrical output.

Model # FRM5N143DS  

  • Wavelength: 1310 and 1550 nm band
  • Integrated Design Optimizes Performance at High Bit Rates up to 10 Gb/s applications.
  • -25 dBm Typical Sensitivity
  • -7 dBm Overload Power (typ.)
  • 27 dB Optical Return Loss (ORL)
  • Integrated HBT IC preamp
  • Simplifies Receiver Circuit Design
  • Model # FRM5N143DS
  • No connectors