JDSU SB series Optical Fiber Switch


JDSU 1 x N SB series Optical Fiber Switch

The unit is tested working normally. If it does not have connectors as the model number shows and you want to have fiber connectors installed, we can provide the service with an extra cost.

1x2  SB1C10021+27XF003FA

1x4 SB1C10041+27XF003FA

1x6   SB1C40064+27XF003FA

1x8   SB1C10081+17XF000FA

1x10 SB1C10101+27XF003FA

1x12  SB1C10121+17XF000FA

1x18 SB1C10181+17XF000FA

If you are interested in other model number, please do not hesitate to let us know.

  • 30 day warranty included