JDSU SB series Optical Fiber Switch


JDSU 1 x N SC series Optical Fiber Switch.

1x4  SC1C40044+17AF003NC;

1x12 SC1C40124+27XF005NC;

1x24 SC1C40244+27XF005NC;

1x26 SC1C10261+17AF000FA;

1x32 SC1C40324+27XF005NC;

1x48 SC1C30483+27XF005FA;

1x64 SC1C40644+27XF005NC;

1x75 SC1C40754+27XF005NC

The unit is tested working normally. If it does not have connectors as the model number shows and you want to have fiber connectors installed, we can provide the service with an extra cost.

  • 30 day warranty included