Mini532-20 Laser Marking Machine


 Description: This mini 532 nm Nanosecond Pulse Laser based laser marking features ultra-compact, long lifetime, cost-effective and easy operation. It is an outstanding tool for your marking applications.

  • High peak power
  • Short pulse duration, short acting time, low heat effect
  • Small form factor, portable and mobile
  • Stable and reliable product quality
  • Easy assembly, simple configuration
  • Air-cooled
  • Applicable to various materials
  • Widely used in offices, labs, homes and production floors
  • Cost effective 

Applicable materials:

  • Metal (copper)
  • Plastic (PC, PVC, PE, HDPE, ABS, PPR, PET, HIPS, PS, PP, PPO, PA, POM, PMMA...)
  • Glass, leather, mobile phone charger...
  • Others (egg shell, fruits, vegetables) 


Wavelength (nm)


Peak Power (kW)


Focus Length (mm)

~ 160

Marking Scope (mm x mm)

110 x 110

Marking Depth (mm)

≤ 0.2

Max. Marking Line Speed (mm/s)


Marking Line Width (mm)

≤ 0.1

Electrical Power Consumption (kW)

≤ 0.2

Operating Power (VAC)

110 ~ 220

Weight (kg)