PMFC 2 x 2 Polarization Maintaining Fused Fiber Coupler (80 um fiber, 1550nm)


The 2 x 2 Polarization Maintaining Fused Fiber Coupler with 80 um cladding diameter PMFC Series covers C-band, and it allows the input signal to be split at various ratios with high extinction ratio.

Please refer to Data Sheet for detailed specifications           

  • Wavelength C-band
  • High Polarization Extinction Ratio
  • Coupling ration 50/50 to 1/99 Available
  • Operating on Both Fast and Slow Axes
  • Excellent Environment Stability High Reliability
  • Low Access Loss
  • High Power Handling
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Model # PMFC-2-1550-50-P-B-N-B-Q-0.3 (80um fiber)

The list price is for Model # PMFC-2-1550-50-P-B-N-B-Q-0.3 (80 um fiber). 2x2 splitter, 1550 nm band, 50/50 coupling ratio, PM fiber for tap port, no connectors, bare fiber, 0.75 m long, Corning Panda 1550 fiber for input port and the main output port, 300mW output power. If you need a different model number, please feel free to ask a quotation.