PMIT Polarization Maintaining Isolator Tap Coupler


The Polarization Maintaining Isolator Tap Coupler   Hybrid Components combine (PMIT) a tap coupler and polarization sensitive/insensitive isolator into a single compact package. It has high extinction ratio and very low insertion loss. The component is ideal for fiber amplifier and fiber optic system where signal monitoring is required.  

Model #: PMIT-1-55-01-N-B-M-Q-F

Please refer to Data Sheet for detailed specifications           

If you need a different model number, please feel free to ask a quotation.  

  • High Extinction Ratio
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High Isolation
  • Excellent Environment Stability
  • Epoxy Free in Optical Path
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Model # PMIT-1-55-01-N-B-M-Q-F