STAR - 07 CORE - Core optics for Industrial Grade DPL-projection


STAR CORE: Core Optics for Industrial Grade DLP-Projection


STAR CORE is a compact optics designed for up to 0.7” diameter orthogonal pixel DMD arrays with 12° tilt angle. The DMD illumination is well homogenous thanks to an integrator rod that acts as a convenient light input port. Different types of light sources can be adapted: lamps, LEDs, fiber bundles, lasers. Based upon the patented ZEISS design, the STAR CORE optics is produced by ViALUX in Germany.
The STAR CORE optics offers leading edge performance in a small package and at affordable price. The rugged design proved  reliable in industrial and medical environment for 3D measurement solutions, augmented reality and intelligent lighting. STAR CORE can be used for both DLP7000 and DLP6500 DMD formats. Two mechanical interfaces are supported to mate Type A as well as s600 DMD  packages. Due to the spring array mounting concept, Type A is the recommended package for applications that put high requirements on optical stability, e.g. in 3D metrology.
The STAR CORE optics is available off‑the‑shelf and at any desired quantity.
There are two models:
A. STAR-07 CORE supporting visible range 405 - 700 nm
B. STAR-0t CORE XR supporting extended spectral range 405 - 850 nm

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