Tissue Cassettes Mini355 Laser Marking Machine



This Mini355  355 nm Nanosecond Pulse Laser based laser marking features ultra-compact, long lifetime, cost-effective and easy operation. It is an outstanding tool for your marking applications.

  • 355nm violet wavelength cold light source
  • Suitable for marking on sensitive materials
  • Short pulse duration, short acting time, low heat effect
  • Excellent beam profile to achieve fine marking lines
  • Laser directly acting on molecular chain with maximum extent to avoid heat effect, without dust or smoke during marking
  • High contrast marking >300:1
  • Small form factor, portable and mobile
  • Stable and reliable product quality
  • Easy assembly, simple configuration
  • Air-cooled and long lifetime
  • Applicable to various materials
  • Widely used in offices, labs, homes and production floors
  • Cost effective 

    Applicable materials:

    • 355 series violet laser marking systems employ 355nm top processing industry wavelength, which reduces deformation and thermal effect of the processed materials, specially suitable for ultrafine marking, engraving of tissue cassettes and medical slides.

    The model number is MINI355, the data sheet is here.


    Wavelength (nm)


    Peak Power (kW)


    Focus Length (mm)

    ~ 160

    Marking Scope (mm x mm)

    110 x 110

    Marking Depth (mm)

    ≤ 0.1

    Max. Marking Line Speed (mm/s)


    Marking Line Width (mm)

    ≤ 0.1

    Electrical Power Consumption (kW)

    ≤ 0.2

    Operating Power (VAC)

    110 ~ 220

    Weight (kg)