V-9501C SuperSpeed V‑Module (Compact form factor)


High­ Performance subsystem for Texas Instruments DLP technology

Description: SuperSpeed V‑Modules combine maximum on-board data rates and extended on-board memory capacity with an efficient USB 3.0 computer interface. Maximum data throughput is achieved taking advantage of up to 61 Gbit/s sustained data rate of the DLPCx10 controller chipsets. 

Compact version has a bended DMD board to allow nearer placing of several DMDs for multi-head exposure.

Applications:  V-modules are well suited for education, academic research, proof of concept, as well as OEM components for series production.

Model #: V-9501C-VIS or V-9501C-UV 

Please refer to Data Sheet for detailed specifications           


DLP9500 & DLPC410

DLP Format

0.95", 1080p


400 - 700 nm   VIS

363 - 420 nm   UV


1920 x 1080


10.8 um

DLP Area

20.7 x 11.7 mm2

Controller Board


Controller Board Dimension

162 x 99 mm2

DMD Board Dimension

102 x 83 mm2

Flex Cable

105/283/573 mm 

On-board RAM

64 Gbits

Patterns in RMA 31.068


Master / Slave

Controller Suite


Switching Rate

           1  bit B/W

           6  bit Gray

           8  bit Gray

           12 Bit Gray


17857 Hz

987 Hz

266 Hz

17 Hz

PC Interface

USB 3.0 

PC Transfer Rate*

> 1600 fps

 * Typical value, can vary depending upon data compression ratio and PC