V-Modules: High-Performance DLP® Subsystems

V‑Modules are fast, flexible, and proven.
The cutting-edge performance of these industrial-grade DLP subsystem results from more than 12 years of sustained development at ViALUX. Designed for new emerging applications, the DLP subsystems come with a feature-rich programming interface; it will enable impressive capabilities of your new state-of-the art product within extremely short time-to-market periods.
Based on high-speed DLP controllers, DLPC410 (Discovery™4100) and DLPC910, V‑Modules represent the highest performance class of subsystems for the DLP Advanced Light Control portfolio.
V‑Modules offer unique flexibility in mirror control combined with outstanding pattern frequencies thanks to the sustained bandwidth of the DLPCx10 controller chipsets. The usable spectral range covers all wavelengths from 363 nm UVA to 2.500 nm NIR. The Type A DMD package provides efficient cooling options enabling up to 160 W sustained optical power transfer per DMD.
V‑Modules enable a rapid launch into application development with DLP technology. The modules come with completely configured high-speed FPGA logic and firmware so that customers save time and costs for a dedicated hardware and firmware development. The comprehensive and long-term proven application programming interface ALP‑4 is a universal controller suite that provides full software compatibility for all V‑Modules.  
V‑Modules are well suited for education, academic research, proof of concept, and are used as OEM DLP subsystems for series production in a wide variety of products.