532 nm LD Pumped All-Solid-State High Power Green Laser MGL-Z-532


Description: 532 nm LD Pumped All-Solid-State High Power Green Laser MGL-Z-532

Features: All Solid state 532nm green laser is made features of ultracompact, long lifetime and easy operating.

Applications: Collimation, laser medical treatment, scientific   experiment, optical   instrument, laser display, laser lighting show, etc.




532 ± 1  nm

Average Power

>10, ... 50, 60 W

Transverse Mode

Near TEM00

Power Stability

<5%, <3%, 2%, 1%

Warm Up Time

< 10 min.

Operation Mode

LD pumped all solid state

Beam Divergence, full angle  <2.0 mrad

Beam Diameter at the Aperture

~ 4.5 mm

Modulation TTL on/off, analog 1Hz-30kHz 

Beam Height from Base Plate


Power Supply


Expected Lifetime

 10000 (hours)


 12 months

Operating Temperature

10 ~ 35 ℃ 


Please refer to Data Sheet  for detailed specifications           

  • Long life time
  • ISO and CE qualified
  • ROHS complied
  • Model # MGL-Z-532-30-5-1

The list price is for Model #: MGL-Z-532-30-5-1, 30 W, 5% power stability, PSU-SEP-W power supply, no modulation. If you need a different model number, please feel free to ask a quotation.