Model #:    EDFAMD

Description: DWDM EDFA Module EDFAMD Series

DWDM EDFA is of high spectrum flatness over C-band. A unique APC (Automatic Power Control), AGC (automatic gain control) and ATC (Automatic Temperature Control) circuit design of this EDFA module ensures high stability and reliability for both output power and gain. The unique optical design achieves excellent optical performance. A high precision MPU (microprocessor unit) is employed to enable the controlling, adjustment and monitoring procedure intelligently and easily. 

Professionally designed GFF (gain flattening filter) and optical circuit result in excellent WDM channel gain flatness and low noise figure.

This DWDM EDFA design includes dispersion compensation devices which meets long distance digital fiber communication’s requirements such as (1) lower noise figure; (2) high output power booster and low sensitivity, ensuring dispersion and error rate to be optimized efficiently; (3) adjustable and compatible broad input and output power range.

It also features intelligent monitoring and managing system, common interface RS232, RS485 or TTL, which enables high compatibility for end user’s system integration.


DWDM transmission system, Optical distribution system and rack mount optical amplifier system.


  • Low noise figure: <5.0dB at 0dBm input
  • High flatness: typ. 1.0 dB
  • Covers C-band: handling 40 or 80 wavelengths
  • High stability and reliability: MTBF >100,000 hours
  • Perfect status monitoring interface: RS485 and RS232
  • High precision AGC and ATC circuit
  • Intelligent temperature control: power consumption and heat radiation reduced by 30%
  • High Saturation output power
  • Small form factor: compact structure and circuit
  • OEM available
  • Compatible
  • with Bellcore GR-1321-Core

Specification Sheet : For detailed specs, please visit here

The list price is for model# EDFAMD-5-13-1-7-4, booster, 13 dBm, 1 output port, 5VDC power supply, FC/APC connector for both input and output ports. If you need a different model number, please contact with us.