PTDI Polarization Insensitive Twin Dual Stage Isolator


The Polarization Insensitive Twin Dual Stage Isolator integrates two independent isolators into one package. It is specifically beneficial when two or more isolators are needed with restrict space. It is built epoxy-free in optical path, which enhances high power handling capability. The device is characterized with high performance and high reliability. It is used in EDFAs, Raman amplifiers, DWDM systems, fiber lasers, transmitters and other fiber optics communication equipments to suppress back reflection and back scattering.

Model #: PTDI-55-A-1-N-B-1.

Please refer to Data sheet for detailed specifications

  • Low Insertion Loss & High Isolation
  • Wide Operating Wavelength and Temperature Range
  • Ultra Low PDL and PMD
  • Epoxy-free in Optical Path
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Compact Size (2 isolators packed into 1 regular isolator housing)
  • Model # PTDI-55-A-1-N-B-1